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High School Empowerment Courses

Calling all Parents who want more Clarity and Confidence with homeschooling through High School!

Level 1 - High School Framework Course ($17)

The Level 1 course is a helpful lead-in to the Level 2 course, although not required. It helps you lay out your student's High School roadmap (framework) and builds confidence for homeschooling through the high school years.

4 Easy Steps to Creating your High School Roadmap / Framework!

My EASY bite-sized Steps to Prepare your Student's High School Plan / Framework will:

  • Give you greater Clarity & Confidence (crushing confusion and doubt)

  • Ensure that your student is getting the High School academics that they need for their next step after high school

  • Step you thru creating a Simplified and Organized High School Roadmap that will take your student thru all of their high school years with minor tweaking 

  • All of this with an experienced veteran homeschool mom and administrator right by your side... ME! (see below for more about me)

  • TIME INVESTMENT: Roughly 45 minutes of video instruction + templates already created for you to simplify the customizing that you'll need to do.

  • Here's What We'll Walk Thru Together in the Level 1 Training

    Step 1 - Grad Requirements

    Establish "graduation requirements" for your teen. I will walk you thru how to determine the "requirements" for your OWN student. Although they may be similar or even exactly the same as other students, you'll want to use this Step to evaluate "requirements" for your unique child and what they are considering post-high-school. 

    Step 2 - Framework Setup

    Using the "requirements" you determined in Step 1 along with the temlplate I provide, you'll create your student's 4-year framework of subjects per year. This is a bit like a fun & easy puzzle, as you walk thru each year and decide what subjects are best taken when. Most subjects fall into the framework on their own. 

    Step 3 - Courses that Fit

    Using the Framework from Step 2, you'll next explore the classes/courses/curriculum you might use for each of the subjects per year... ones that fit your student as well as the framework. This is where you'll tap into the resources that you have already or research recommendations from fellow homeschoolers and FB/IG groups, and I'll lead you thru it.

    Step 4 - Record Keeping

    Now that you have your Framework (aka Roadmap) filled in for all 4 years, I'll walk you through Record Keeping for all of your student's classes/courses so you know exactly what to record as each semester/year finishes. This will set you up beautifully for the creation of your student's Transcript and their Program of Studies.

    Sign up NOW and be EMPOWERED!

    REGISTER & PAY - Level 1 only

    A little more about ME

    Founder of Katalytic Empowerment

    I'm Kathleen Rumford, a software engineer / math nerd by nature, education, and early employment but also a 15-year veteran homeschooling mom of 2 daughters. Both of my daughters dual-enrolled in high school and then went on to college, with the oldest even completing her Master’s degree in Spanish Sociolinguistics, and both girls own their own businesses (entrepreneurs from a young age!).

    Because I've heard from many of you that you're just not sure how to get started or you're wondering if you're doing enough in the late middle school years and early high school years, I've put this mini-course together for you. I’ve logically and methodically deconstructed the process of mapping out the high school journey into manageable pieces in order to simplify, speed up, and organize the process for successful completion.​

    And if you take my Level 2 course, you'll have access to my easy and customizable Transcript template, Academic Summary Packet template, AND my customizable GPA Calculator that works with the push of a button!

    I pray that these homeschool resources bless you and your student along the High School Journey!